Maintaining records allows you to gain perspective on your company and provides a basis for business decision making. The level of documentation and systems that you invest time and money into utilizing will depend on your level of business development and financial sophistication. ((

Business owners and investors in earlier stages of business often do not keep records or have very poor record-keeping systems which exposes their business to an unnecessary level of risk. The business owner or investor does not know how their business or investments are performing throughout the year and they cannot properly substantiate deductions.

Here are the top 5 benefits to establishing and maintaining a streamlined accounting system:

  1. Tax Minimization: Capture all expenses and write-offs
  2. Business Success: Make better management decisions throughout the year with a clear set of data
  3. Peace of Mind: Minimize stress and frustration knowing your books are in order and you know the financial health of your company
  4. Cut Costs: Save money and time by hiring a bookkeeper to manage your books rather then doing them yourself or leaving them disorderly until tax season
  5. Preemptive Support: Do proactive tax planning throughout the year saving more taxes when it’s tax time

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