Amazon chose Charlotte as 1 of 6 locations across the country to prototype a new kind of state-of-the-art automated facility.

The Charlotte City Council voted to sell the Amazon 100 acres of undeveloped land on the west side for $7.5 million and to give them $13.4 million in incentives for a $200 million distribution center that Amazon promises will bring at least 1,500 new jobs to the area.

The new facility will be located on the southeast corner of 485 and Wilkinson Blvd. Amazon currently has one traditional distribution center near the Charlotte Douglas Airport, and another one in Concord.

Charlotte continues to be an attractive market for both employers and employees, this is reflected in Charlotte strong housing marketing growth during the first two quarters of 2018. Long-term visioning, strategic investments in infrastructure and public-private partnerships strongly positions Charlotte during a period of shaping change.

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