Regardless of whether you are flipping properties, developing a major project, or building a rental portfolio, maintaining a trusted CPA as your business advisor is essential to the success of any business. Investors and business owners of all types should look for an advisor that serves as a partner; an ideal CPA is a financial expert with companies within your industry that can provide ongoing financial and business advice when you need it most.

Exceptional CPAs offer business and financial knowledge. As your business grows, a CPA is instrumental in the process of streamlining your business, your CPA is integral in your business advisement because they know your business and they should have other clients within the same industry which enables them to provide knowledge on best industry practices.

Investors and real estate business owners should demand the highest level of industry expertise and services to fit their business needs. Technology makes it increasingly easier to collaborate with CPAs regardless of their physical location and proximity. It is the best practice to seek a CPA who has a company where the majority of their client base is made up of real estate investors, developers, and agents. Seeking an industry expert ensures that the professional is up to date on the IRS regulations and has a solid professional network within your specific industry. A professional’s competency on the issues surrounding real estate is extremely important.

Many contemporary CPAs who are experts in their industry that function in a business advisory role offer monthly engagements to their clients. This is the most beneficial routes for business owners to pursue when seeking a CPA because it offers them uninterrupted access to a financial expert that can provide ongoing advice precisely when your company needs it.

Your CPA should also act as a relationship manager and expander; a one stop shop for the services their clients need without having to take on the expense of retaining additional in-house talent by offering a strong professional network that can engage their client’s needs that are outside their capabilities.

Before entering an engagement with your CPA do a basic search on their background and work history. There are opportunities to work with individuals that are the best in the business with the credibility of working at the world’s greatest companies who have pursued their own route to serve small business owners and investors in your industry. It is beneficial to seek CPAs with a team that has experience working with the best in the business at one of the Big 4 accounting firms and/or the most reputable companies within your industry.

An excellent CPA will have an entrepreneurial approach to their own business and experiment with various parts such as their service offering, pricing, or forms of communication. This could be as simple as introducing a new product or as complex as overhauling a pricing model. An innovative CPA that is innovating their own industry and business is more likely to have insights and benefits to offer you as a business owner and investor. A true, motivated business advisor is one that you need on your team.

It gives you not only piece of mind but business confidence to know that a financial expert that is experienced within your industry has your business interest in mind and is constantly available to strategically help your business or investments grow. Whether it’s trying to navigate through complex business planning or handling IRS inquiries, when you’ve hired trusted CPA the process becomes much easier and you can focus on improving your business. When you want all of these benefits of a CPA business advisor in Charlotte, give the professionals at Camuso, CPA a call.