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Do you have a rental property that you’re looking to sell using 1031 exchange?

There is a common misconception that you can simply do a 1031 exchange directly into a syndication. However, this is not possible because when you invest in a syndication, you are purchasing part of an entity that owns real estate not the real estate itself.

A viable option as an alternative which can use a 1031 exchange is a tenant in common structure or Delaware Statutory Trust . While these options are similar to syndications, they are not syndications.

Delaware Statutory Trust are derived from Delaware Statutory law as a separate legal entity and formed as private governing agreements for the purposes of managing, administering, investing and or operating real, tangible and intangible property; or business or professional activities for profit that are carried on by one or more individuals who act as trustees for the benefit of a party who is entitled to a beneficial interest in the trust property. Delaware Statutory Trusts are not new, in 2004, the IRS came out with an official Revenue Ruling detailing how a DST could be structured in such a way that it would qualify as a property replacement vehicle for 1031 Exchanges.

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