Companies looking to attract talent are now offering top amenities, a modern office space and a healthy work environment with a sense of community. Firms are willing to pay a higher rate for office space if it provides a place that employees want to work. One of the trends we have observed this year in commercial office space is enhancing the work environment.

According to a recent Pew Research Center analysis, millennials have become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. To attract today’s workers, office users are offering an abundance of amenities. Companies are now providing gaming lounges and even napping rooms, coffee shops with baristas and onsite bars with wine and craft beer on tap.

There has also been a shift toward a more open office layout with collaborative break-out areas. With this shift, companies offer phone rooms for private calls and quiet rooms with comfortable couches where employees can unplug from the highly productive work area. Employees are also more health conscious today and typically prefer standing desks, adjustable seats, bike storage, on-site gyms with showers and healthy snacks in the break room.

Developers recognize these trends and are building new office spaces in Charlotte loaded with amenities such as rooftop patios with gardens, collaborative work areas, food delivery services, outdoor walking trails and convenience services such as a concierge, dry cleaning and personal package drop-off areas.

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