Do you have serious goals for your eCommerce business?

Are you trying to hit your first $1 Million?

Or scale up to your first $5 Million?

If so, a basic bookkeeper isn’t going to meet your needs.

You need more.

Good news.

At Camuso CPA we do more.

Like one of our recent new clients that signed up for a CFO engagement.

After analyzing their balance sheet, calculating their inventory turnover ratio and appropriately benchmarking their turnover on a per product basis I determined that the inventory turnover ratio for a specific product was way too low.

After discussing the current sales performance and inventory levels we determined that we had to liquidate this inventory ASAP.

We used a variety of strategies to quickly liquidate this inventory including using this as a promotional tool to increase average order values and selling on different sales channels at discounts. This eCommerce business

If you’re ready to take the next step, book your 1-on-1 meeting with me

Accounting is the language of business.

What does that mean for your eCommerce business?

Accounting has been a celebrated throughout history as the foundation for economic growth not only for society but also YOUR business.

Improving your accounting systems not only protects your cash flow and assets from the IRS but also gives you the tools to improve your business by planning for the future.

The truth is, most accountants are just a cost.  The cost of getting the books done.

But when you work with me.

It’s not just about accounting.

At Camuso CPA, we partner with your company to not only handle your basic accounting but to provide ACTIONABLE and PROACTIVE financial insights that improve your business and increase your profits.

👇 I recorded a video going over this below

Whether it’s improving your gross margin through pricing strategies based on key performance indicators.

Or improving your cash flow and inventory management with effective forecasting and ratio analysis.

Or customizing your accounting process to effectively track income, expenses and key performance indicators on a per product, customer or sales channel basis.

We’re here to partner with you to take your company to the next level!

If you’re ready to take the next step, book your 1-on-1 meeting with me TODAY!

If you’re ready to take the next step, book your 1-on-1 meeting with me