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Individuals and High Net Worth

Camuso CPA delivers an unrivaled depth of knowledge, providing an engaging experience relevant to each client’s distinct needs and helping them to navigate the tax code to ensure tax minimization.

Our team has worked in the most competitive cities, including NYC and Charlotte, at the world’s largest professional service firms.

You’re not just a sale to us, but rather a vested interest that we want to succeed. When preparing your current year personal income tax returns, Camuso CPA will also review prior tax returns to ensure accuracy.

Leveraging advanced knowledge and a deep network of colleagues in the tax industry, Camuso CPA has developed an unmatched team and system tailored to service individuals both locally and across the country, helping them save them money, time and peace of mind.

Camuso CPA delivers every financial service to a growing community of individuals both locally and across the country that enables them to achieve their greatest personal and financial goals.

Our mission is to provide every beneficial financial service possible to individuals to propel them to achieve all their financial objectives.

Camuso CPA’s focus and specialization delivers a unique perspective on best industry practices to provide the most value to clients.