Below is a comprehensive list of the items that you will need to provide your CPA to file your income tax return. Best practice is to compile a file of these items throughout the year as applicable so they are available to send to your CPA as early as possible.

·         Basic Information

o   Full names, Social Security Numbers, Birthdays, and Addresses of self and all family members

o   Filing status election (Consult CPA)

·         Financial Information

o   All W-2s’s

o   All K-1’s

o   All 1099’s

o   Alimony

o   Business Income documentations

o   Rental Property Income documentation

o   Documentation for all income not included elsewhere

o   State tax refunds

o   IRA Contributions/Withdrawals

o   Mortgage Interest

o   Real Estate Taxes Paid

o   Any other taxes paid

o   All charitable contributions documentation

o   Medical expenses documentation


Be sure to consult your CPA about any expenses which you are not clear on in terms of qualification for deductions or exemptions. We are the Charlotte CPA to call for help with income taxes. Feel free to reach out to us at your convenience!