Redundant firms are know for late delivery of services, little follow-up and an overall low level of client-care.  They take a passive approach to client communication and the bulk of their work is in compliance.

The CPA firm landscape is rapidly evolving, local firms like Camuso CPA serve as a model for how CPA firms can successfully respond to industry change and remain relevant.

Camuso CPA is changing the local Charlotte CPA firm landscape. A  CPA firm delivering clients relevant and proactive insights for tax minimization, cash flow improvement, profit improvement and of course, overall compliance. As a response to the shift to CPA’s serving in an advisory role from a compliance role, Camuso CPA is part of a new generation of CPA firms focused on building business relationships not collecting clients.

Noted in a recent Wall Street Journal Article ( Intuit Inc., maker of the TurboTax products, this year offered free preparation to millions of Americans with simple returns, and H&R Block Inc. countered with an even more-generous offer. Both companies hoped new customers would pay for add-ons to their returns, or prove to be “sticky” and pay fees someday. Meanwhile, personal-finance portal Credit Karma Inc. is charging consumers nothing at all for its tax-prep service. The trend the commoditization of tax return preparation is clear and will continue to accelerate.

Camuso CPA has capitalized on this industry change by becoming your trusted partner and an integrated financial component of your business. Camuso CPA’s business model is designed to add value by collaborating with clients on an ongoing basis – not just during tax season.

Patrick Camuso developed Camuso CPA PLLC to specifically serve the markets that he knows best, developing a system tailored to service a community of professionals both locally and across the country taking a collaborative approach to business partnerships enabling clients to save money, time and peace of mind.

Camuso CPA PLLC’s yearly target, through specialized services such as cost segregation and tax incentives, is to return in accelerated deductions a minimum of $4 million to the local area’s real estate, restaurant, and hospitality communities; allowing businesses to invest in the growth of the local community and build a more sustainable environment.

Patrick views his firm’s role and the role that CPA firms play as a driving force in the community saying “our company builds and maintains the foundations for businesses’ and investor’s long term success which in turn fuels business and community growth. We know that with every business we help we enable business owners and investors to help several individuals and businesses creating an exponential effect on our efforts.”