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My Top Tax Deduction for eCommerce Businesses!

I get this question frequently when speaking with eCommerce business owners about taxes.

The truth is tax planning really isn’t about a special tax deduction.

Although, I can probably find many valuable deductions that you are overlooking.

Tax planning is about looking at the BIG PICTURE.

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You may or may not be aware of some specific tax planning tools that are available to you as an ecommerce business owner.

Most likely some of the tax planning pillars you probably have under control.

But optimizing your business is about looking at the big picture.

👇 I recorded a video going over this below


We cover the following aspects of your business and more during the tax planning process:

✔️ Legal Entity Structure

✔️ Accounting Method Optimization

✔️ Sales Tax and Other Compliance Assessments


✔️ Retirement

✔️ Insurance

✔️ Legal Tax Loopholes

✔️ Recent regulatory change

✔️ Niche specific strategies

✔️ Advanced planning strategies

You need to ensure you are considering all of the available tax strategies that apply to your current business and future business goals.

I would be willing to bet that 1 to 2 components of your tax plan are out of order or not being considered EVEN if you already have a CPA.

This is leaving TENS (if not hundreds) of THOUSANDS of dollars on the table.

Every year.

Do you want us to help you with the tax planning process?

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