Camuso CPA offers an alternative to overpriced, real estate gurus, who charge a high fees, often not even providing advantageous financial or business advice. We see a lot of investors who have invested time and money into courses and coaches who often do not give them the level of personal guidance they require and many times provide them with misinformation that leads to costly decisions regarding entity structure and other business decisions.

Investors, new and experienced, require a dedicated CPA that is part of their financial team that can provide them with accurate, preemptive advice to optimize their investments and business.

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The most common issues we see with new clients who have invested in these type of programs is that they are rushed into forming S corporations or other costly entity structures. S corporations are a great tax planning tools but pose a higher compliance cost which should be considered along with tax benefits. Many times, investors could benefit by simply forming a single member LLC but are misled to form an S corporation before it is necessary.

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A decision like this can compound in errors if investors are not working with a knowledgeable CPA to follow best practices in maintaining and planning for taxes with S corporations. Additionally, many accounting firms will also rush clients into S corporations since it means a higher price tag on the client’s compliance needs.

Often, CPAs do not provide comprehensive support to clients regarding tax planning for S corporations; around March or April when investors finally reach out to their CPA they realize they have made costly errors throughout the year which could have easily been avoided.

Camuso CPA is changing the local Charlotte CPA firm landscape. A CPA firm delivering clients relevant and proactive insights for tax minimization, cash flow improvement, profit improvement and of course, overall compliance.

As a response to the shift of CPA firms serving in an advisory role from a compliance role, Camuso CPA is part of a new generation of firms focused on building business relationships not collecting clients.

The goal is to become a financial expert that is a fundamental part of your business. By integrating into your business on an ongoing basis we gain a greater perspective of your finances and can deliver more value in the form of time and money.

Our memberships address three unique needs of real estate investors:

  1.  Traditional tax and finance needs
  2.  Ongoing, dedicated support from a CPA
  3.  Financial education

Clients receive ongoing access to a financial expert focused on the real estate industry. We are building an organization that focuses on building long-term relationships with clients and developing a financially focused real estate community. We take the time and care to guide our clients and to deliver them with valuable information, updates, and financial tools to optimize their business and expand their real estate financial knowledge.

Camuso CPA PLLC takes an industry focused approach to offering a tailored, comprehensive financial solution focused on cash flow improvement, profit improvement, tax minimization, and financial retirement. If you’re looking for help with real estate taxes in Charlotte, we are the people to call.

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