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Private Equity & Syndicates

Camuso CPA delivers financial services to a growing community of private equity funds and syndicates that enable them achieve all their business and financial goals.

Camuso CPA’s focus and specialization offers a unique perspective on best industry practices and trends to provide the most value to clients.

Leveraging advanced knowledge and a deep network of colleagues in tax and accounting, Camuso CPA developed an unmatched team and system tailored to service a community of professionals both locally and across the country, helping them save them money, time and peace of mind.

We help people with these common issues:

Your Tax Returns Are Getting Too Complicated

Your current CPA doesn't understand your tax strategies

Your current CPA's processes and workflows are outdated

Your CPA doesn't file your tax returns accurately or on time and it's impacting your bottom line

You are a Private Equity Fund, Investment Company or Syndicator looking for advanced tax strategies, accounting or CFO services

Contact Camuso CPA  to build the foundation of your financial success and gain a trusted partner to achieve your goals. We help our clients save thousands of dollars in taxes with advanced tax strategies and proactive planning.

We provide the following to people with tax planning needs:

Tax Planning Assessments and Consultations

Reduced Tax Liabilities

Increased Understanding of tax landscape as it applies to your business and/or portfolio

Written foundational tax minimization plans

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Financial & Business Consulting

Fund Organization & Structuring

Tax compliance and advisory (including tax credits), fund formation and implementation, and capital account maintenance

Our firm is different than many traditional CPA firms.

We offer industry specific expertise

We are entrepreneur focused

We are a technology focused firm

We offer a in-depth knowledge and comprehensive industry specific tax and accounting services.

Contact Camuso CPA to build on the foundation of your financial success and gain a trusted partner.

If you’re looking at CPA tax, accounting or financial services give Camuso CPA a call to see how we can help your business grow, and keep growing. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have.

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