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One consistent trend that I see is that business owners do not focus on their accounting function until it is too late.

It is unbelievable how many serious business owners do not consistently and frequently review their financials.

Even more frequently, eCommerce business owners are not tracking their accounting data properly to make key financial decision.

This is step number 1 in scaling your eCommerce business.

You need to understand your income and expenses per each product, customer, and sales channel that you sell.

Additionally, you need to properly track your variable costs separately including freight, import, manufacturing costs, packaging and shipping.

We improved one of our recent new clients accounting systems to track this level of granular financial detail in their financial statements.  

This allowed us to then benchmark their key financial data and make improvements in their pricing which lead to an increase of 5.2% or $52,000.

👇 I recorded a video going over this below

Are you managing this properly?

Or are you overlooking your finances?

If you fall into this category check your books.

Are they reconciled?

Do they balance?

Is your financial. data detailed, clear, and actionable?

If the answer is no, this is a serious problem.

At Camuso CPA, we partner with your company to not only handle your basic accounting but to provide ACTIONABLE and PROACTIVE financial insights that improve your business and increase your profits.

If you’re ready to take the next step in scaling your eCommerce business, book your 1-on-1 meeting with me TODAY!

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