Real Estate Agents & Brokers Pay Too Much Taxes

Before you start looking for new ways to expand your business, you need to ensure your business is putting its exiting capital to its best use year after year.

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Real Estate Agents Pay Too Much Tax

Unfortunately, after speaking with hundreds if not thousands of real estate agents it is usually the case that they are overpaying in taxes by anywhere from $15,000 - $45,000+ depending on their business size.

The good news is that we helped save real estate agents millions in taxes in just 2018 alone at Camuso CPA.

Protect Your Bottomline

Nothing hurts a real estate agent more and undermines their business growth than not protecting their bottom line.

This includes overpaying in taxes. Don’t forget that taxes are one of your biggest expenses. 

Tax savings accelerates wealth building along with business growth.

What Your CPA Isn't Telling You

Real estate agents need to focus on industry specific tax strategies which vary for different stages of business gowth.

They need to stay focused on areas such as tax reduction, entity structure optimization, tax deferment, income shifting, retirement planning and optimizing for the recent tax law changes.

Learn How To Reduce Your Taxes By $15,000  to $45,000+

Schedule a complimentary tax planning consultation today to learn how to get the best possible tax rate, the biggest savings and the best use of existing capital year after year. Our consultation will eanble us to determine how much you are leaving on the table each year.

Learn From CPAs That Work In Your Industry

Learn Industry Specific Tax Advice Designed To Grow Your Business

Industry Specific Tax Advice

Real Estate agents need to work with a CPA firm specialized in working with real estate agents and brokers to ensure that they are creating a foundational tax plan that utilizes all available tax strategies specially for your business. 

Tax Savings

Our team at Camuso CPA is specialized in the real estate industry and will be able to make sure we don’t leave any tax considerations on the table.

We work with 100's and consult to 1,000s of real estate agents each year.

Get The Information You Need For All Stages of Business 

Patrick Camuso, founder of Camuso CPA, focuses on all the revelant tax considerations for real estate agents and brokers at every stage in business. From just starting out to running your own team.

About Camuso CPA

We work with 100's of real estate agents and brokers nationwide. When it comes to tax and accounting we have seen it all.

Camuso CPA leverages extensive experience, deep networks and industry-specific knowledge to deliver clients relevant and proactive insights for tax minimization, cash flow improvement, profit improvement, operational efficiency and overall compliance.

Camuso CPA has the skills and depth of service offerings to address even your most complex business and personal tax needs. 

About Patrick Camuso, CPA

Patrick Camuso is the founder of Camuso CPA .

Patrick worked at Deloitte prior to launching his own CPA firm where he consulted with the world’s premier asset managers, real estate companies and retailers. Patrick is a Certified Public Accountant. Patrick holds degrees in both Accounting and Finance.

Patrick urges his followers and clients to achieve true financial freedom for themselves and their families. His viewpoints on tax, the economy, small business, and finance have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter.

Why Work With Us?

Our team works with professionals exactly like you on a daliy basis!

Let us put money in your pocket so you can use it to grow your business and grow your wealth.

I work with real estate agents and brokers to protect their assets and increase their bottom line by finding overlooked tax opportunities and customizing the accounting process to be more effective.

Patrick Camuso, CPA

Owner Of Camuso CPA

Stop Overpaying Your Taxes.

Learn From CPAs That Work In Your Industry.

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We will determine how much you are overpaying in taxes each year based on our consultation. 

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