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Reasonable Compensation

Our team of CPA’s are constantly gathering support from every level of legislative and administrative tax authority to make sure you pay yourself a reasonable wage, positioning you to capture the tax benefits of a corporation while staying within the limits of IRS scrutiny.

Camuso CPA reasonable compensation reports establish a reasonable compensation fully defensible to the IRS.

Camuso CPA reasonable compensation reports values the work performed by shareholder-employees for your company.

There are no specific guidelines for reasonable compensation. Courts that have ruled on reasonable compensation is based on the determinations on the specific facts and circumstances of each case.

We help people with these common issues:

Tax Compliance For S-Corporations

Tax Compliance For C-Corporations

Tax Planning

Entity Structure Planning


Contact Camuso CPA  to build the foundation of your financial success and gain a trusted partner to achieve your goals.

We help our clients reduce stress and increase financial confidence by accurately determining your reasonable compensation using IRS approved methods while documenting this appropriately for audit purposes.



We provide the following to people with accounting needs:

Up-To-Date Records

Professional Reporting

Reduced Compliance & Audit Risk

Time To Focus On Your Business & Portfolio

Our firm is different than many traditional CPA firms.

We offer industry specific expertise

We are entrepreneur focused

We are a technology focused firm

We offer a in-depth knowledge and comprehensive industry specific reasonable compensation services.

Contact Camuso CPA to build on the foundation of your financial success and gain a trusted partner.

If you’re looking for a high-quality CPA firm, give Camuso CPA a call today. Our team can help you with get your accounting records in order to save you money, time and peace of mind in short term and the long run.

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