Cost Segregation is now cost effective for smaller properties by leveraging cutting edge technology and software designed for CPA’s to collaborate with engineers that are experts in cost segregation.

Traditionally, cost segregation studies would only be recommended for larger properties with a tax basis over $1,000,000. The cost segregation industry is being disrupted, offering a great opportunity to smaller investors and business owners who can recognize this opportunity and capitalize on it to accelerate cash flows to improve their business or secure an additional strategic investment on properties with a tax basis as lows as $100,000 to $200,000.

Traditionally, many CPA’s do not have the expertise and depth within their professional network to deliver cost segregation studies.

Our team and systematic process takes a comprehensive approach to cost segregation, by leveraging our network of licensed professional civil engineers, cutting edge technology and top-tier knowledge our team can efficiently do properties of any size without an in-house team of engineers and consultants.