Here at Camuso CPA, we offer a wide array of tax and accounting services for cryptocurrency investors and traders including tax preparation, tax planning and portfolio reconciliations.

Virtual currency exchanges signed up millions of new users in 2018. However, cryptocurrency became an increasingly mainstream investment last year, and more and more people started trading at high volumes. By the end of the year, some of the more active cryptocurrency investors had made thousands of trades.

The IRS requires investors to submit records showing every time they sold or spent their virtual currency assets. For high volume traders, this can add up quickly.

As the cryptocurrency investment community gets ready for tax season, some high-volume investors are finding they are no longer able to self-prepare. This is because many of the existing tax preparation software limits the number of transactions you can report. TurboTax Online can only accept up to 500 transactions per account, and the company warns that online performance is likely to go down as more information is uploaded.

Camuso CPA offers the highest-quality tax advice and planning services specifically focused on the needs of cryptocurrency investors.  The tax laws are changing, and the IRS is focusing on the crypto investors. Cryptocurrency investors need sound tax advice from a trusted and experienced CPA.

If you searching for CPA firms to assist you with reporting cryptocurrency income and capital gains, contact Camuso CPA. Whether you need tax preparation services, assistance with properly reporting gains and income from virtual currencies on your taxes, cryptocurrency portfolio analysis, or any other service provided by a certified accountant, Camuso CPA can help.