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Transparent Pricing

We agree on a price based on the services and value we deliver to you at the beginning of our business relationship.

Disincentives and unexpected fees for contacting your business adviser are completely eliminated.

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Technology Driven

We leverage the most cutting edge technology to deliver the highest level of value-added services, make communication and file sharing seamless.

Camuso CPA is a local firm with national reach.

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Ongoing Support

Communication is key to any successful business relationship – Camuso CPA is proactive with phone calls and follow-ups, and is client service focused.

Camuso CPA has a structured client communication program with preemptive check-ins designed to add continuous value to your business and investment portfolio.

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Save Money, Time & Peace of Mind

Our team will enable you to get the best possible tax rate, the biggest savings and the best use of existing capital year after year.

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Tax Planning

Accelerate Your Tax Savings, Business & Portfolio Growth

Camuso CPA has the skills and depth of service to address even your most complex business, investment and personal tax planning needs.

We design tailored tax minimization strategies based on your unique business and personal financial situation.

Tax Preparation

Accuracy and Attention Your Finances Deserve

When is comes to fling taxes, accuracy is what counts.

When you work with Camuso CPA you get your returns filed accurately with a trusted CPA.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Know Your Numbers & Manage Your Business

Camuso CPA focus is on delivering ongoing comprehensive support and business perspectives which provide real time financial snapshots that are the foundation for any strategic business or investment decision to improve profit or cash flow.

Cryptocurrency Accounting

Protect Your Assets with Accurate Analysis & Advisory

Our team offers a full service for cryptocurrency traders, miners, and businesses including accounting, and reconciliation for all forms of cryptocurrency transactions.

Financial & Business Consulting

Optimize Your Financials & Business

We enable our clients to build financial confidence and make business decisions by giving them the fully outsourced financial department they deserve.

Reasonable Compensation

Protect Assets & Minimize Taxes With Accurate Documentation

Our CPAs provide annual in depth analysis of reasonable compensation for business owners that is structured in written comprehensive reports.

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Best In Tax Savings

Bob Burnette
Business Consultant

Excellent service with in depth knowledge of every subject on I required his advice. He is timely, reliable, and prioritizes his clients’ best interests.

Cryptocurrency Investor

I met with Patrick recently to discuss a tax matter. He is a great thought partner and extremely knowledgeable. It was a great meeting that led to some strong options. I am excited to expand my current partnership with the firm into other offerings.

Joshua Stack
Cryptocurrency Investor

The service was excellent. I had no idea on how to present the information. Considering that the data was put together by people with experience gave a lot of value to the service. Even if I used some of the tools online that was recommended, my situation was quite complex and would have been very time consuming to make sure that it was accurate. If I used someone without experience, this would be a very expensive and time consuming process and it may not even be accurate. In the end I thought that the service was worth it

Jon Sakugawa
Cryptocurrency Investor

I really enjoyed working with Patrick. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He communicates very well and made working together very easy. I will definitely work with him again in the future.

Dan Rob
Real Estate Investor

Excellent and prompt service. Pat is extremely thorough

Sliaxx Sun
Real Estate Investor

I have been working with Camuso CPA for the past three years. I highly recommend him.

Mark Ruise
Business Consultant

As you know when looking for a CPA to do you taxes it can be a frustrating task. Once my wife found Patrick’s info online stating he also has experience in filing crypto-currency taxes I was like great but is he good. I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Patrick about all of our taxes including crypto. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the industry. I have been very pleased with the communication, the promptness, professionalism and courtesy that Patrick has give to me as a client. He make me feel like I am his only client which is important to me. I highly recommend Camuso CPA PLLC for any tax filling you have. I will be using his services in many years to come.

Ronnie Ross
Cryptocurrency Investor

Excellent professionalism and courtesy from this highly knowledgable and dedicated firm. My go-to for crypto related accounting and preparation services. Highly recommended for any crypto asset holder.

Joseph Chello
Cryptocurrency Investor

Mr. Camuso has been excellent to work with on my business strategy and tax planning. I have found him to be very knowledgeable. He also has many great contacts and resources to draw from around the world. I give Mr. Camuso my highest recommendation.

Ronald VanDenBroeke
Real Estate Investor

I am looking at purchasing a restaurant and used the services of Patrick Camuso to help me evaluate the success or failure of this restaurant to allow me to make an informed decision whether to purchase this restaurant or not. I think Patrick Camuso did a great job in helping me make that decision. I look forward to using Patrick Camuso’s services as I feel he did a great honest job with my decision. Thanks Patrick for your help.

Henry Reed
Business Owner

Patrick was fantastic to work with and did a tremendous job of providing me with the information I needed and keeping me up to date. I definitely recommend Camuso CPA to anyone.

Hunter Warren
Business Owner
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