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We save digital asset investors and digital businesses thousands and cumulatively millions with effective tax planning strategies, accurate accounting and proactive advice.

Camuso CPA is a full-service CPA firm offering a full range of tax, accounting and advisory services.

While traditional CPAs take on clients across numerous industries, we only work with digital asset investors and digital businesses.

At Camuso CPA, all our clients are digital asset investors and digital business owners. We’ve developed cryptocurrency specific expertise that allows us to provide tailored solutions to our clients in ways most other firm simply can’t.

Camuso CPA has offered cryptocurrency accounting services since 2016. We realized very early on the revolutionary impact blockchain, and cryptocurrency would have for society along with the accounting profession. We pioneered the cryptocurrency tax and accounting industry.

Camuso CPA was one of the first CPA firms in the industry to provide their clients cryptocurrency accounting services and tax advisory. Camuso CPA was also the first CPA firms to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for professional services.

Since we focus cryptocurrency investors and digital business owners, we have unique experience that can help you not only gain accounting expertise and tax advice, but also provide unique industry-related insights.

Our team at Camuso CPA has the skills and depth of service to address even your most complex business, investment and personal cryptocurrency accounting needs including DeFi, NFTs, high-volume transactions, wallets or blockchains, and any other type of cryptocurrency transaction for investors and businesses.

If you’re looking for a high-quality cryptocurrency CPA firm, give Camuso CPA a call today. Our team has been here from the start in the cryptocurrency industry. Our tax advisors and CPAs can help you with a comprehensive tax plan and accounting system that will protect your assets and save you money in the short term and the long run.

Learn about career opportunities at Camuso CPA here: https://camusocpa.com/careers/

Our Founder’s Story

Patrick Camuso is the founder and managing member of Camuso CPA. Patrick worked at Deloitte prior to launching Camuso CPA where he consulted with the world’s premier asset managers and retailers, gaining extensive experience with a wide range of financial instruments and tax adjustments.

Patrick is a Certified Public Accountant. Patrick holds degrees in both Accounting and Finance from Montclair State University.

You can find his LinkedIn profile here

Patrick takes a different approach than most CPAs. Focusing on serving clients in the evolving world of cryptocurrency and digital businesses. Patrick maintains a perspective at the cutting edge of taxes, accounting, business, and technology.

While many new CPAs, accountants and tax preparers are scrambling to learn about cryptocurrency taxes and accounting, Patrick has navigated the cryptocurrency tax and accounting landscape as it has developed since the beginning.

Patrick, as an early adopter of Bitcoin, realized early on the revolutionary impact blockchain and cryptocurrency would have for society along with the accounting profession. Patrick pioneered the cryptocurrency tax and accounting industry with Camuso CPA.

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