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Tax Preparation for Digital Asset Investors & Digital Business Owners

Accurate and timely tax preparation from our experienced team ensures the best tax treatment possible.

Cryptocurrency, digital asset and digital business tax preparation is very complex. In fact, over 90% of the tax returns we review have errors or missed opportunities.

Many CPAs are not experts in cryptocurrency tax codes. This can cost cryptocurrency investors and digital businesses thousands in taxes every single year.

Our team at Camuso CPA is on top of a rapidly developing cryptocurrency tax landscape.

We leverage extensive tax experience, the latest technologies and work specifically with cryptocurrency investors and digital businesses to ensure we do not make critical tax errors that cost you money.

Each tax return we prepare goes through structured review process to ensure everything is filed accurately, timely and you're not missing deductions or opportunities to reduce your tax liability.

Work with an experienced crypto CPA

When it comes to fling taxes, accuracy and timeliness is what counts. When you work with Camuso CPA you get your returns filed accurately and timely with an experienced and trusted cryptocurrency CPA.

Our team at Camuso CPA minimizes your tax burden while keeping you in compliance with IRS regulations.


Here's how the process goes


During the initial onboarding process you will have a consultation with your tax manager to discuss the tax preparation process, your tax needs, engagement expectations and what information we will need to prepare your return before you complete the onboarding process to provide your information and tax documentation.


Our team will prepare your tax return and review it for accuracy in order to find every opportunity for tax savings and to ensure tax compliance.


After we prepare and review your return in detail, we’ll send it to your for your review then schedule a consultation to review your return with you in detail before filing it on your behalf.

We help digital asset investors and digital businesses with these common issues

  • Your Tax Returns Are Getting Too Complicated
  • Your current CPA doesn't understand your cryptocurrency filing requirements or digital business needs
  • Your current CPA's processes and workflows are outdated
  • Your CPA doesn't file your tax returns accurately or on time and it's impacting your bottom line

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Tax Preparation FAQs

We are a 100% virtual organization that is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

We can prepare virtually any type of federal or state tax return, most commonly:

  • Individual returns: Form 1040
  • Partnership returns: Form 1065
  • C-Corp & S-Corp returns: Form 1120 and Form 1120-S
  • Trust Returns: Form 1041
  • Foreign Reporting: Form 114 & Form 8938
  • State returns across all 50 states

We work with cryptocurrency investors and digital business owners of virtually all types. We’ve worked with clients with a handful of crypto transactions to clients with tens of thousands of highly complex transactions and established businesses.

We have experience serving the sophisticated and expanding needs of a wide range of institutional, corporate, high-net worth and individual clients including:

  • Cryptocurrency, DeFi & NFT Investors
  • eCommerce Businesses
  • Crypto Mining Operations
  • Corporations with Crypto Transactions
  • NFT Artists & Dealers
  • VC Firms
  • Consultants and Advisors
  • Executives compensated with crypto and/or RTUs

Yes, tax planning is the foundation to minimizing taxes and we offer ways we can help you get a tax plan in place. You can learn more about your tax planning options here.

No, most tax planning requires planning well in advance of filing taxes. However, tax planning is the foundation to minimizing taxes and we offer ways we can help you get a tax plan in place. You can learn more about your tax planning options here.

Cryptocurrency and digital business tax is often more complex than other businesses, and many CPAs will rush through the preparation and filing process which often leads to errors that can cost you money.

Most CPAs aren’t even aware of the tax laws related to cryptocurrency and digital businesses and will overlook opportunities available to you which can cause you to overpay in taxes. Not only will they miss opportunities, but sometimes they will make mistakes that will cost you even more to correct in the future.

At Camuso CPA, we pride ourselves on the ability to prepare your return accurately while at the same time ensuring that you're not missing out on opportunities for substantial tax savings.

You can engage our firm at any time, however, we may not be able to file on time depending on when you engage us. If you have multiple years of prior years taxes that need to be filed or amended our team can assist with this process.

We currently extend all first-year clients for quality control purposes to ensure we file your returns accurately, no tax savings go overlooked, and that you do not have to rush to complete the onboarding process to provide your tax documents.

Then the following year, we can usually file your returns before the tax return deadline if we have all the information and documentation required for the tax preparation process before the requested deadline.

In this scenario, we recommend using the IRS safe harbor of paying in 110% of last year's tax liability. This is not 100% accurate but will reduce potential exposure to penalties and interest. Alternatively, we can prepare a tax estimate for an hourly fee.

Yes, excluding our administration staff, all members of the firm take at least 40 hours of continuing education (CPE) per year.

In addition to CPE, we have professional research software and subscriptions that provide updates on changes to the tax code and the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and digital business industry.

When sharing data we use Sharefile which is supported by Citrix.

Citrix meets SOC 2 compliance, a framework designed by the AICPA to safeguard the storage and transfer of customer data in the cloud. SOC 2 reports are issued by independent third-party auditors covering the principles of Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

Yes, we offer cryptocurrency accounting services, e-Commerce and traditional accounting services. To learn more about this please visit the cryptocurrency accounting and outsourced accounting webpages.

To get started please visit our Work with Us webpage. If you fit the description of clients we work with, please fill out a webform to contact our team and provide as many details about your tax and financial situation as possible. Our team will reach out after your form submission within 1-3 business days.

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