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Cryptocurrency Tax Notices : The Ultimate Response Guide

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In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, where innovation and financial opportunities abound, the shadow of tax obligations looms larger than ever. As more investors, enthusiasts, and business owners engage with digital assets, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has intensified its focus on ensuring proper taxation within this dynamic space. Armed with data revealing a 75% non-compliance rate in cryptocurrency reporting, the IRS is determined to tackle underreporting challenges. Cryptocurrency investors, facing increased scrutiny, should proactively seek expert guidance to navigate the evolving complexities of tax compliance. At Camuso CPA, acknowledging the intricate nature of cryptocurrency tax matters and the concerns associated with tax notices, we provide comprehensive guidance. In this detailed guide, we share our expertise, offering steps and best practices to empower you in responding effectively. Furthermore, this ensures safeguarding your compliance and peace of mind.

Understanding the Landscape of Cryptocurrency Tax Notices

Cryptocurrency tax notices typically revolve around underreporting or non-reporting of assets. The three main notices you are likely to encounter are the 6173 notice, 6174 notice, and 6174A notice. Each notice carries specific implications, and your response will depend on the type of notice you receive.

1. 6173 Notice and 6174A Notice

If you receive a 6173 or 6174A notice, these are primarily informational notices. The IRS notifies you of transaction activity related to your on-chain cryptocurrency transactions. The key distinction is that these notices don’t necessarily require immediate action on your part. Instead, they recommend that you file any amended or delinquent returns if you discover underreporting or non-reporting. If your returns accurately reflect your cryptocurrency activity, and you are confident in your reporting, no further action is required.

2. 6174 Notice

In contrast, if you receive a 6174 notice, a timely response is essential. This notice necessitates scrutiny and a crafted response to the IRS. Failure to respond promptly may result in escalated tax notices. It is crucial to understand the specific details of the notice and take appropriate action.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Responding Effectively to Cryptocurrency Tax Notices

When faced with a cryptocurrency tax notice, the following steps are recommended:

1. Contact Your CPA

The moment you receive a cryptocurrency tax notice, your first step should be to contact a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) experienced in cryptocurrency tax matters. A skilled CPA can alleviate initial concerns by reviewing the notice in detail and guiding you through the necessary steps.

2. Detailed Review with Your CPA

Sit down with your CPA to conduct a comprehensive review of the tax notice. Identify the type of notice—6173, 6174, or 6174A—and determine the appropriate response based on your specific circumstances. Thus, understanding whether a response is required or if you are potentially facing an audit is crucial at this stage.

3. Update Cryptocurrency Accounting

Based on the tax notice and your reporting needs, you may need to update your cryptocurrency accounting for past years. Working closely with your CPA ensures accuracy, proper documentation, and due diligence in reporting your tax positions and audit trails.

4. Amend Prior Year Tax Returns

After analyzing the tax notice and completing accurate cryptocurrency accounting, you may need to amend prior year tax returns or file delinquent tax returns that haven’t been submitted. Consequently, this step is essential to bring your tax filings up to date and rectify any omissions related to cryptocurrency transactions.

5. Craft a Thoughtful Response

If a response is required, collaborate with your CPA to craft a thoughtful and tailored response to the tax notice. Responses will vary based on your specific circumstances, and having a CPA guide you through this process ensures a professional and effective reply.

The Educational Nature of Tax Notices

It’s crucial to understand that not all cryptocurrency tax notices are educational letters sent by the IRS. Moreover, these letters aim to increase overall tax compliance, and they are sent to both fully compliant taxpayers and those who may not be fully compliant. The focus is on educating taxpayers about reporting obligations in the cryptocurrency space.

Why Choose Camuso CPA?

If you recently received a cryptocurrency tax notice and are seeking an experienced CPA to navigate this complex terrain, look no further than Camuso CPA. Since 2016, we’ve led in cryptocurrency accounting. Our team excels in managing tax controversies and navigating cryptocurrency tax matters. Regardless of the complexity of your on-chain transactions, our team can manage your accounting for accurate tax reporting purposes.


The steps provided in this comprehensive guide offer a roadmap for cryptocurrency investors, enthusiasts, and business owners to navigate the intricate terrain of tax compliance. By emphasizing the importance of collaboration with a skilled CPA and the meticulous review of tax notices, individuals can proactively manage their cryptocurrency tax obligations. Camuso CPA stands as a trusted ally in this journey, committed to providing expertise that extends beyond routine accounting. Our team’s dedication to guiding clients through the complexities of cryptocurrency taxation ensures that you can face tax notices with clarity, confidence, and a proactive strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

In the realm of cryptocurrency taxation, where nuances and regulations constantly evolve, the conclusion is not merely an endpoint but the beginning of a collaborative relationship. At Camuso CPA, we transcend the role of a service provider; we become your partners in compliance. Beyond addressing immediate concerns, our commitment is to empower you with the knowledge and support needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency tax matters. As you contemplate your response to a cryptocurrency tax notice, bear in mind that our expertise surpasses routine accounting; we’re here to guide you through compliance intricacies, providing personalized solutions aligned with your financial goals. Reach out today for a tailored consultation, allowing us to steer you toward a secure and compliant future in the realm of cryptocurrency.

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